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     Below are some reviews by our fans on iTunes, Google PLay and apple tv
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LOVE!!!!!What an awesome adventure Buddy Bear takes us on! It's a colorful, music filled fiesta for the whole family.  Looking forward to more fun with Buddy Bear and the whole gang.!
5/5 Rating
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Sammy Smalls88

"How Fun!" This video has very catchy tunes and a positive vibe. 
5/5 Rating
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"I know it's for kids but for some reason my cat Sasha just loves to listen and watch! 
5/5 Rating

Best New Children's Video Of TheYear 

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The Show That Started It All

Buddy Bear Goes To Preschool On DVD 

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Buddy Bear 

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About Buddy Bear 

    Created by John P. Aguirre, Buddy Bear Adventures + Original live action series was developed for preschoolers where every episode is an adventure filled with imagination, new friends, discovery, music, dance and excitement. Buddy Bear Adventures introduces Buddy Bear, a fun, curious, high energy, and lovable child bear character.

Buddy Bear joins other pre-school children as he invites them into his his magical forest to sing, play, count, dance and learn about music and the world around them.

     Buddy Bear is joined by his high energy friends, Music Mick, Melody Muse, Zsa Zsa the Zookeeper and Forest Fairy Angel, as they join Buddy Bear on his fun, magical-musical journey, encouraging children from around the world to join in on the singing, dancing and learning along the way.

Buddy Bear Adventures is an original and unique children’s series that reinforces positive educational and developmental themes such as conquering fear, working together, peer respect and the acceptance of new ideas – while conveying the fun and colorful learning a day with Buddy Bear inspires.

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