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Buddy Bear's Musical Adventure Features Terra Jole's (Little Women L.A.) Amazing Dance Skills

Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure – A Completely Original and Exciting Show for Preschoolers Starring Terra Jole from Little Women LA

Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure is still going strong on iTunes, Apple tv and Google Play. The show, created by John P. Aguirre, stars Terra Jole from Little Women LA and is designed specifically for preschoolers and is filled with adventure, music, dance, excitement, and new friends.

The main character of the show, Buddy Bear, is a lovable, high-energy, curious bear who invites children into his magical forest to sing, play, count, dance, and learn about music and the world around them. Along with Buddy Bear are his energetic friends, Music Mick, Melody Muse, Zsa Zsa the Zookeeper, and Forest Fairy Angel, who join him on his fun-filled musical journey.

Terra Jole brings her infectious energy to the show as she joins the cast, adding a new level of excitement and fun to the already entertaining and educational series. Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure not only provides children with an exciting and unique experience, but it also reinforces positive educational and developmental themes such as conquering fear, working together, peer respect, and the acceptance of new ideas.

Parents can now add this exciting title to their digital library for their children to enjoy at the cost of a small coffee. The show is available on iTunes Apple tv and Google Play and features original songs such as “Jump Jive and Stretch” and “Yummy Fruit Song” written by award-winning composer Oliver Goodwill and John P. Aguirre. The show also features a memorable rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” performed by Forest Fairy Angel (Dee Dee Hall formerly of The Party and the voice of "Pearl" in the animated series Steven Universe).

Buddy Bear Adventures LLC is dedicated to creating educational and entertaining content for children and has plans for more exciting Buddy Bear Adventure titles in the future.

For press inquiries, please contact Buddy Bear Adventures LLC at or visit their YouTube channel at

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